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The Silent Side of Trade Finance



Trade finance is critical to the international economy.  It is key that the process runs efficiently and is protected from the machinations fraudsters and money launderers.  The objective of this course is to enable participants to understand what trade fraud is, who are the fraudsters, their motivation, and preventive measures to mitigate risks in frauds in relation to international trade.  Case-studies in relation to International Trade Fraud will be provided.



For anyone who works in the banking, audit and accounting sectors and also those in multi-national corporations who requires to understand trade fraud and take preventive measures to mitigate the risks.




At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what trade fraud is;

  • Types of fraudsters and their motivation;

  • Preventive measures to mitigate risks in frauds in relation to international trade.





Types of commercial and international trade fraud

Trade fraudster

  • Who are they?

  • Characteristics and motivation

Victims of trade fraud

  • Importers

  • Exporters

  • Financial Institutions

  • 3rd parties

Financial fraud in relation to financial instrument

  • Standby Letters Of Credit and Banker’s Guarantee

  • Bills of Exchange

Commodity fraud

  • Characteristics 

  • Could it be avoided

Measures to reduce the risk of international trade fraud

International trade fraud vs Digital Age





A combination of short lectures, and case study.




Date : 23 August 2016

        11 October 2016


Time : 9 am to 5 pm


Course Fees : S$599.00 (no GST)


Course Duration : 1 day


10% Early Bird Discount or 20% Group Discount


Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC) claimable


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