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Measuring Return of Investment (ROI) from training

Our Approach

BFC believes that learning and development is a strategic process and there are always a desired outcome or business impact to achieve. We provide an approach that would translate to the measurement of training impact. 

Business Objectives 

High-performing organisations constantly evaluate their business goals to review performance and competencies gap against their corporate strategic goals and department goals. BFC works closely with key business stakeholders to ensure training intervention contribute to the improvement of business outcome. 



Return On Investment

The financial benefits of training can be measured from improved performance such as increased productivity, labour savings, reduced wastage and improved employee retention. BFC assists you to quantify training impact and determine the return of training investment. 



Application & Implementation Objectives 

BFC works closely with you to identify the key desired workplace behaviour and the appropriate training intervention. BFC will partner you to implement and evaluate the manifestation of the desired behaviour at the workplace.

Learning Objectives

It is essential to measure and assess the change in mindset, increase in knowledge or skills enhancement. BFC assists you to identify the knowledge, skills or attitudes required to improve the individual's productivity at the workplace. 




Engagement Objectives 

To facilitate learning effectiveness, the intervention needs to be relevant to the workplace needs of the employees. BFC assists you to plan, identify and make recommendation to achieve the learning outcome. 

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