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Assess Workplace Skills and Attitude



The organisation's annual performance appraisal exercise can be a dreaded period for some. We may encounter difficulties to effectively appraise a staff member's skill or attitude. This can be due to a lack of clarity for the requirements of the designated skill or attitude. We may not be clear on the performance expectations for skills such as communications, teamwork or supervision in the appraisal report. How do we appraise attitudes such as trust, safety consciousness or customer focus?


During the performance appraisal session, the different interpretations by the reporting officer and staff member for the respective skill or attitude can give rise to dissatisfaction and morale issues.  The reporting officer and the staff member both need to have clarity in performance expectations to reduce ambiguity or subjectivity.  A well designed performance requirement will enable the appraisal session to be a fruitful review and discussion of follow up actions for common goals.


Suitable for managers and supervisors who are appointed as Reporting Officers for performance appraisals. These Reporting Officers are required to set specific targets for subordinates and carry out the performance appraisal.



By the end of the training, participants will be able to:


  • Identify relevant skills and attitudes for appraising the staff member.

  • Develop the performance requirements for evaluating different grades of skill or attitude.

  • Communicate the expectations to staff member and carry out regular reviews.




The workshop will cover short lectures and discussions for the following topics:

  • Concept of job role or responsibility consisting of different tasks or duties.

  • Analysis of a job role to identify the tasks required.

  • Identification of evidence for skills and attitudes required for each identified task.

  • Performance requirements for evaluating different grades of skills and attitudes.

  • Seeking agreement with staff member at start of appraisal period for expectations.




  • Presentation, group discussions, group activities and exercises




Date : Monday, 18 April 2016


Time : 9 am to 5 pm


Course Fees : S$599.00 (no GST)


Course Duration : 1 day


10% Early Bird Discount or 20% Group Discount


Productivitty & Innovation Credit (PIC) claimable

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