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Trainer Assimilation Programme


Training Assimilation Package (TAP) is designed specially for busy executives whom are required to conduct training in the workplace. The programme equips you with the essential skills and techniques to engage and deliver a programme with impact!


Corporate trainers are ordained with the responsibilities to engage, equip and inspire employees through the various workshop they conduct to share their knowledge, experience and best practices. Business Future provides corporate trainers with a foundation to set them for success through our 3 day Corporate Trainer I. The programme is specially designed for busy executives whom are tasked with the special responsibilities for training.

Key Topics :

  1. Knowing When Training is Required

  2. Understanding Your Learners

  3. Pre-Training Preparation and Post-Training Analysis

  4. Setting the stage

  5. Effective Training Presentation and Communication Skills

  6. Audio-Visual Aids and Resources

  7. Qualities of an Effective Trainer

  8. Managing Difficult Learners and Situations

Assessment Exercises:

  • Preparing a Training Session

  • Training Practice, Delivery and Critique

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