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Coaching Skills for Managers



The success of an organisation lays in the hands of its teams, but how should a Manager interact with his team members in order to get the best out of their potential? Which is the most appropriate development path for a certain context?


More than two decades ago coaching was present exclusively in sports and in education, now it is introduced at almost all levels in business and personal life. These days we hear this word at least once a day.  But, what is really a coaching type of interaction and when should a Manager behave like a coach with his team? When is coaching counter productive on the other hand?

Suitable for managers who wish to acquire and develop coaching skills that can be used in managing others and for personal development namely building relationships, improved communication skills, team effectiveness and work performance.



At the end of the workshop, the participant would be able to

  • identify when to coach and when not to coach

  • create the space for his/her team to take ownership

  • apply minimum 3 strategies from the theory of coaching




Day 1

  • Fundamentals of Coaching Conversations

  • What is coaching? Coaching mentality

  • Coaching versus mentoring, consultancy, training and psychotherapy   

  • The profile of a mentor. “My mentors - My mentees”                                            

  • Basic communication skills used in coaching

  • A Coaching Framework

  • Active listening techniques

  • Contracting in coaching


Day 2

  • Feedback and Feed forward

  • Performance and hidden potential

  • Types of questions used in coaching

  • Coaching Strategies

  • Coaching with NLP

  • Landing in a coaching conversation





This is a very hands-on training with real life practices using certified assessments, researched articles, case studies and applications that are targeted at building the needed skills accompanying individuals and teams in their search for excellence.




Date : Thursday & Friday, 7 & 8 April 2016


Time : 9 am to 5 pm


Course Fees : S$899.00 (no GST)


Course Duration : 2 days


10% Early Bird Discount or 20% Group Discount


Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC) claimable


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